Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vacations are always too short

The vacation is over and I am back at the DDJ (Dreaded Day Job). I did get a lot done, though. I made some new pieces and put them up in my Etsy shop, Luminosities
Here's one of the new pieces, pirate earrings: Yo ho, yo ho, bay-bee!

I also replaced some photos of pieces that were already up with better shots, like this one:

I joined Flickr, too: Nicole's Photos

My house is closer to being livable as well. You don't have to step over anything until you get to the living room. Flooring is visible in all rooms. The living room still looks like a bomb went off, but hey, a girl can only do so much in a week. I worked my ass of all week. I had to come back to my job to get some freakin' rest!

Next time I go on vacation, I hope it's a trip here: Heaven
If you take the photo tour, you'll see why this is my idea of heaven. Maybe I'll make a website asking for PayPal donations to fund the trip. The Save Nicole Fund. It could work.

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