Thursday, December 10, 2009

Some People are Just Irreparably Broken

I hate to inflict this story on anyone, but I want the world to know their names and what they (allegedly) did, so they can never escape it. 17 year old twins, Tremayne and Travers Johnson, were charged with dousing a young pit bull with gasoline and setting her on fire. They face a maximum of three years in prison on the felony animal cruelty charge.

Nowhere near enough. People who can do something like that are broken in some fundamental way and will be dangers to society always. I console myself by imagining there is a special hell for people as devoid of compassion and empathy as to do something like that.

I notice that you can find pictures of Phoenix, as her rescuers called her, online, but none of the Johnsons. Extraordinary measures were taken to save Phoenix, but she was burned over her entire body. As a mad, raving liberal, I am against the death penalty. Sometimes I am willing to make an exception.