Friday, April 04, 2008

Puppy Mills - Today on Oprah

Today on the Oprah show, an expose on puppy mills. Puppy mills are a horrific problem. Puppies from puppy mills are frequently unhealthy, with serious physical issues "...including severe malnutrition, rotting teeth and severe periodontal disease, extreme matting of fur sometimes leading to skin lesions, mange, flea, tick, and parasite infestations, and serious foot and leg injuries from living an entire life on wire mesh flooring. Female dogs in puppy mills are typically bred at every opportunity until they are physically spent and can no longer reproduce. Puppy mill dogs live out their entire lives in tiny enclosures, never having a chance to get out of their cages for exercise or socialization." (ASPCA)

Please join me in thanking Oprah for using her considerable influence to expose this cruel and horrifying issue.

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