Thursday, November 08, 2007

Stunning pottery!

This past August, I had to say goodbye to Goblin, my pet cat and familiar. As you might imagine, it was very sad and awful. She'd been with me for 18 years and I felt the loss deeply.

I had a private cremation and kept her ashes. I wanted to put her ashes in something really special, something just for her. I contacted Ant at Ant's Pottery on Etsy. I'd long been an admirer of her work so I asked her if she'd be willing to do a custom order. She was and we talked back and forth about what kind of vessel I wanted for Goblin. I chose the shape and the colors and told her a little about me and my beliefs, such as that I am Pagan and that I am a devotee of the Egyptian cat goddess, Bast. I left the details of the design up to her.

Today I received this gorgeous vessel! It has a little cat as a handle on the top of it and the legs it stands on are two little cat paws in the front and a little cat tail in the back. It also has an ankh, the Egyptian symbol for eternal life, on the top. It's perfect, it's beautiful and I love it.

But that's not all! Apparently, her little girl heard about my loss and was moved to create a commemorative drawing just for me! What a wonderful child, to be so concerned about someone else's pain that she felt moved to try to make it better. I love the drawing and I'm keeping it forever.

Have a look at Goblin's vessel and be sure to check out Ant's Pottery.
Her work is awesome.

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Elizabeth Staley said...

What a lovely piece! This is a beautiful tribute to Goblin- I know your familiar would be proud.