Monday, November 26, 2007

Cyber Monday Deals!!

In honor of Cyber Monday, reputed to be the biggest online shopping day of the year, I'm offering free shipping on orders over $35 in my shop!! Check it out!

These cute and sparkly earrings are the perfect thing for the holiday season! Made with sterling silver ovals and headpins, they feature three genuine Swarovski crystals.

What’s so special about Swarovski crystals? They are the finest quality machine cut and polished crystals in the world! They’re machine cut, so they are perfectly uniform in size and the facets meet perfectly at a single point. They also use special glass compounds, so Swarovski crystals will out-sparkle any lesser quality bead.

These earrings have red, green and white Swarovski crystals as well as leverback earwires for added security. The dangle measures about ½” (1.25cm).

This beautiful necklace is made with genuine rose quartz and tiny peridot beads. It’s 24 inches (60.96cm) long and finished with a gold tone lobster clasp. Very pretty and feminine!

Rose quartz is said to stimulate love and promote peace and happiness. Peridot is said to increase wealth, joy and emotional well-being. Just looking at this necklace will lift your spirits!

Got vampire? This necklace is the perfect thing for the goth in you. Genuine agate fangs surrounded by ruby red glass drops and set off by faceted black beads. Strung on a sterling plated figaro style chain.

The necklace measures 16" (40.6cm) so the beads nestle near the hollow of your neck.

A unique way to celebrate Yule. This charming Yule magnet features a golden sun with a spiral bead in the center, in honor of the annual return of the sun god. It is lined with green paper and the word “Yule” is written inside with gel pen. The outside has green ribbon wrapped around the lid. Gold and green to represent the eternal return of the sun on Winter Solstice! Put it on your refrigerator, in your bedroom, your office, your car or give as a gift for a distinctive stocking stuffer.

The magnet is a round tin with a glass top with a heavy-duty magnet attached to the back.
It is 2” (5.8 cm) across and 1” (2.5) deep.

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Field Notes said...

Fangtastic necklace!!! I love your name for that piece :)