Saturday, August 15, 2009

How do you fast forward this thing?

Ever see a federal tax exemption application? It's 25 pages long. Ugh. As Not Without My Pet has recently gotten a new treasurer and things are a little up in the air right now, it's fallen to me and Raquel to fill out the application from hell. Progress is being made, but it's slow going.

The good news is, a CPA has volunteered to do our tax return. YAY! One pretty major thing off the to do list.

In the interest of not scattering my energies amongst 5,000 projects like I normally do, I've temporarily suspended my Etsy shop, Luminosities. I need to narrow my focus for the moment. Luminosities will be back, for sure, but first things first.

Understand that I'm not really complaining, unless it's about the day job. lol These things that I'm doing, I'm doing because I want to and because they are meaningful and important to me.

Oh, and I have mentioned that I am finally, finally going to see Green Day?? YES! Floor tickets, bay-beeee! Just try to keep me away from the stage.

And next month? Social D again. Everybody needs a little recreation, right? ;)

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