Monday, August 04, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Last Thursday was my birthday and I milked it for all it was worth! For the past several days I've been doing things I rarely do, as birthday treats.

I went to Lu Ross Academy and had a mani, pedi and facial. Not only was it all luxurious and pamper-y, but I met some interesting people and had some fun conversations. Laura, who did my facial, is a professional makeup artist. She recommended I use Prescriptives foundation, so I vowed to check that out later.

After my Lu Ross adventure, I went to The Massage Place to get a massage. I met a woman named Geneva who makes pasties for Pastease. They have skull and crossbone pasties! Ha!

Later that night, my friend Erika took me out to dinner at Kyoto Sushi. It's a little hole in the wall place in a strip mall. It doesn't look like much, but, man, it was excellent! We've both decided it's our new favorite sushi place. It was recommended by my hair stylist, Maureen. Thanks, Maureen!

Friday, I made a beeline for Macy's to check out Prescriptives. A totally cool guy named Saul did my makeup using their products. Like me, he used to live in Hollywood, so we ended up talking about our old neighborhoods and comparing tattoos. I loved the makeup, so I bought it. I've been through this before and ended up not liking the makeup a few days later, but this time I still really like it.

After that, I went to my nemesis, Barnes and Noble. I can spend hours in there, browsing. This time, though, I found several things I wanted within the first few minutes. I bought ten books and two magazines!

My friend Erika wanted to see the new X-Files movie, I Want to Believe, so I went to rent the first movie. I had a helluva time finding it, but I finally did. But first, that night, I went to see The Dark Knight. Loved it! Heath Ledger's performance lives up to the hype. We saw I Want to Believe the next night, and I liked that, too. There are some sad dog things in that one, but I'd been warned by my friend Debra, so I knew when to look away.

On Sunday, I went to Riverside to visit my friend Jessica Black of Primalx. We had a truly fabulous lunch at Yard House. The food was really, really good and I had two pomegranate martinis! Jessica's husband, Larry had a Hpnotini and Jess had an Espresso martini. They let me have sips and theirs were just as good as mine.

Today I'm tired but happy. What a fabulous birthday I've had!

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