Monday, June 09, 2008


It's been over a week since I posted anything new. That's because I've been really sick. I had a fever of 103, which shocked me! I'm still sick, but not nearly as sick as I was.

The little kitty I found is still sick, too. We went back to the vet and now I have nose drops to give her. Little kitty nose drops. Who knew?

As might be imagined, I haven't made much progress on the non-profit thing. I did receive confirmation from the Secretary of State that the name has been reserved. It will be held for sixty days. I have until then to submit my Articles of Incorporation and whatever else is required.

I did manage to get a few more pictures of the little kitty, though! Here she is:


cat said...

oh man!! i'm sorry you were sick! We've been under a dark cloud as well...i shake my fist to that damn mercury in retrograde!! LOL hopefully we will all be out of it soon. i did get your invitation and will email you too!

i feel terrible that you've been sick..:( get better soon my friend!

oh, and your new kitty is a beauty!!!

and i tagged you on my blog...LOL

i'm really excited about your non profit...lots of work i'm sure, but so up your alley and with your talent and enthusiasm it will do well!! :)

Faryn said...

I finally made it by to read you blog and check out your art work. Beautiful! Your kitty photos are excellent too! Ophelia's eyes are so amazing! Hope all is going well with the cats. - Faryn (from All Cats)