Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Helping Both Domestic Violence Victims and Their Pets

I just read a magazine article about battered pets and how fear for them can prevent victims of domestic violence from leaving. That article, and further research, show that abusers typically use violence or threats of violence against defenseless pets as a means to terrorize and control their human victims. The article was written by award-winning journalist Barry Yeoman. The full text of the article can be found on his website, here.

According to an article in the Washington Post, 48% of victims of domestic violence have delayed leaving because of a pet. The article further points to both Hurricane Katrina and California fire victims’ refusal to evacuate to safety without their animals as examples of how devoted to the care and well-being of their pets some animal lovers are.

Studies have unequivocally shown a link between the torture and killing of animals and violence against humans.

These articles really struck a chord. Rather than feeling saddened and depressed, I was inspired to make a difference.

My intention is to create a non-profit organization specifically to shelter pets of domestic violence victims, perhaps in partnership with women's shelters. I got up at 5:00 this morning to research starting a non-profit!

I am currently in the info gathering stage. I would gratefully accept any help whether in the form of advice, contacts, raising awareness, or something else I don’t even know I need. You can contact me regarding this issue at a special e-mail address I've set up, pethaven@luminosities.net


Jayna said...

I love you! Your dedication and inspiration to change the world matches that of mine. It is the most rewarding and heart breaking adventure of a life. Enjoy, you will be in my thoughts.


Elizabeth Staley said...

Oh Lumi, what a great cause! I hope it works out!

LuckyLibra Designs said...

How exciting, and what a wonderful cause! *hugs* SOOO proud of you! If I can help in anyway, let me know! Perhaps when you are ready to announce it, I can do a blog spot...not that I get much traffic...but it puts it out there another time for the Google Crawlers to find! *smoooooch*

Melody's Unchained! said...

I don't get much traffic on my blog yet either, but I would be happy to do a blog for you, too! So proud!

Luminosities said...

You guys are the BEST! Thanks so much. I may call on you later to whine about how hard it all is. hahahaha

Nicole, Saving the World One Pet at a Time